Our Programs


Belarussian Outreach

More than 350 Belarussian children have been hosted by American families during our six-week summer programs, providing relief from radiation contamination from the 1986 Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster. While their immune system and body organs heal, their hope and faith grow. Host family groups are supported in Raleigh NC, Baltimore MD and South Hamilton MA.
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Young Life Bahamas

Sponsoring summer camps at Young Life Bahamas, now serving local Bahamian teenagers in Eleuthera, Nassau Grand Bahama Island and Freeport. More than 500 youth face the challenges of fragmented families, teenage pregnancy, substance abuse and gang culture. Youth realize there are opportunities to change their future.

Building Hope Centers

Partnering with International Cooperating Ministries (ICM), we build Hope Centers that are transforming communities and the children they serve. A Hope Center is a building used as a community center, a feeding center, a youth center for after-school activities, a foster home and a church. Kids in third-world countries go to their Hope Center to be safe, to play, to study and learn, to be encouraged and receive hot meals. Families meet at the Hope Centers to get support and learn how to care for their children. 18 Hope Centers have build built in Belarus (2), Moldova (1), Ukraine (1), Nicaragua (14). Six new Hope Centers are scheduled to be built in 2019.

United states outreach

We partner with non-profit organizations to support specific programs that provide basic daily needs to children, including food, clothing, health and medical services, protection from abuse and neglect, access to organized sports, training, youth development, and activities that promote healthy lifestyles and mental wellness. Click here to see our U.S. partners.

Empowered Dreamers - Nicaragua

Serving alongside Nicaraguans to support the youth in 14 communities in the capital city area of Managua. Our Nicaraguan project managers and leadership team are directing construction projects to build Hope Centers, youth development activities, youth camps and conferences, leadership training and general life skills training. In 2019, more than 15,000 meals will be served to kids each month. Mission trip opportunities are planned for 2019 for construction and youth camps. Come see Nicaraguans restore their communities!

House of Nations - Madrid Spain

Overflowing Hands partners with Eli and Sherling Sanchez to support children’s programs and youth development in Madrid. The programs serve kids and teenagers of local and refugee families, providing fellowship, stability and support to children affected by the refugee crisis in Europe. Leadership training workshops encourage youth to set goals for a more positive future by raising awareness about choices, decisions and consequences.